Tuesday, 6 March 2012

From Shop to Dwelling

The photo below was taken in the late 1930's earlier 1940's Grandma has her apron on again!
Unfortunately the Grocers Shop was not very successful because many of the customers paid on tick and most never settled up at the end of the month! ( go on tick To buy an item on credit; to be indebted for what one purchases; also, get on tick. In this expression, tick is a shortening of ticket, where ticket carries its obsolete meaning of a written note acknowledging debt. Although the phrase never attained great popularity in the United States, it has been a commonplace expression in Great Britain for centuries)
Today the shop is unrecognisable and in my view the whole street has lost its character. The windows have been altered and the road and pavement like most of Britain is hidden under tarmac now.
(photo from google maps)

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